Forgiving and Second Chances.

October 16, 2011
FCA #1: Effective and interesting opening and closing. Begins with a “hook” to catch reader. Opinion/thesis stated clearly in the beginning half. Point or theme of story explained in the closing. Closing restate in new, powerful way. (full circle ending)

FCA #2: Details coherently organized and developed using three or more methods of elaboration. Terms defined and belief is explained. Uses a story or anecdotes to illustrate belief. Uses a variety of methods and elaboration.

FCA #3: uses a variety of sentence structures and openings (5 or more times). Begins sentence in a variety of ways: adverbs prepositional phrases, participial/gerund phrases (ing verbs). Alters sentence structure: simple, compound, complex.

Second chances and forgiving are so incredibly important for many reasons.One being

that people change. There will be people that never change throughout their lives, but

there are many people that will and who knows, one may need to change themselves

too; and after all maybe they never need to change, they just need to get to know the

person a little better. As for forgiving, everyone has off days, where the world is just

working against them and nothing is going right and they feel like they are going to

collapse under pressure and somebody may not see that, and will just think they are

being rude and mean to them for no reason. Misinterpreting happens all the time.

If I had to throw together a number that the average person had to forgive in their life

or give second chances, I would just say, a lot. I then asked myself a few questions that

made me ponder on the subject for a while. Is that enough times? Or wait, maybe that is

too many times. I came to the conclusion that it is probably not enough. People in my

life make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. And if I were to go back in time i would probably

be more forgiving about some things. For example when one of my family members

take something without asking, I have been known to just be mad at the person until it

just escapes my mind and forget about it. Technically, forgetting is not forgiving.

Second chances are important for me because I don’t want to be an adult and not

have a people in my life, that i care or cared about at one point just because we had an

argument or disagreement or we misinterpreted each others words or actions wrong. I

know how hard it can be to just give someone a second chance, but this doesn’t

necessarily need to happen over night, it can be over a long period of time because like

i previously stated, people change. Change doesn’t just happen in a matter of seconds.

I remember when i was younger, a lot younger, me and my friend had a huge

argument over what we were going to name the new barbie. If i remember correctly i

wanted to name it Rainbow and my friend wanted to name it Cloud.Thanks to my mom

recording it, I can say that the conversation went something like this:

-“No Gina i wanna name it Rainbow, Cloud is a stupid name cause clouds are stupid.”

-“Um, no Shauna we are going to name it Cloud because rainbows are stupid and

Rainbow is a stupid name, its so stupid it makes me wanna hate rainbows.”

-“Oh my gosh Gina your so stupid I hate you!” -

-“I hate you, stupid face!!!”
This may seem like a stupid example but we forgave each other, and the point is that I

wouldn’t have had her as a friend if we didn’t forgive because we just would stop talking

and even though we would eventually forget about it, we probably still would not be

talking, but now she is still one of my best friends.

Second chances are really, genuinely important to me, no matter what is said about

them. I would say that most of the times second chances don’t happen from the

ages 14-17 is because of silly, immature, teenage high-school drama. Nobody wants to

be known as a pushover or somebody that anyone can do anything to and it would be

alright. Even though its tough for someone to say to their ex-best friend “apology

accepted” after she was texting their boyfriend for 6 hours, straight. There are so many

sayings that say how you should put your friendships before your relationships, so one

of them must be true. And the friend will probably end up as a friend a lot longer than

that guy will probably be their boyfriend. So maybe giving that friend a second chance

probably would not be a bad idea. Still not sold on the idea? I would sleep on it for a few

days then make a choice.

I feel like every time somebody is forgiven, it makes everything go so smoothly. I

strongly believe that second chances and forgiving are a part of life. As long as I can

justify why I am forgiving somebody, I think that it is a good idea. Its much better to be

friends with someone then to hate them. In the future, people are going to change. That

means some apologies and acceptances are going to be thrown out there. I always feel

like life moves on when I do.

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