October 12, 2011
The first thing that comes to my mind when I say “quilt” is a way of showing love or the creator's feelings. To me it's not just a confy blanky but way much more than that. I believe that a quilt is a way of art. A way for someone to express themselves. A quilt is like the identity of the person and means great value to them. I feel that, when the needle is going through, the person creating the quilt is painting its feelings all over it. Or painting the picture in their soul. Quilts are like a part of someone or a feeling shown to others. A way of life.

What I think is amazing about quilts is that no other is the same. Its like we are each a quilt and there is no other like us. We can have the same patters maybe even the same colors but there will always be a difference. We are a piece of art. Quilts are mostly described as just a way to make time fly, but to me it is painting time.Quilts can be passed down from generation to generation telling a story or a memory that dose not want to be forgotten. They can share their sadness or happiness in silence. They are a part of something deep inside us. We just have to look between the patterns for it.

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