October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

We as a society arrange our religious beliefs only to make ourselves happy. Deep down we know that our beliefs are unrealistic. “Oh in hundred years the messiah will come”. Moses was a form of a messiah, and not to offend anyone who is preposterously religious, but we still have slavery. I do not regard to whether it is an infection in which hate mutates through our veins even though we know the medicine to stop it. We almost deserve what we get for we create the bugs that live in our beds. Why don’t we stop waiting for the god dam messiah and start being one. Or will we keep focusing on money and material until there is nothing left but death in this world. People are always complaining how they hate things in this world. Well why don’t we stop focusing on how to build the biggest mother of nuclear weapon and figure out ways on how to find alternatives for plastic and hate. Someday were going to live in our own garbage, we are going to become even more of garbage then we already are. So my message Is stop complaining and get off you’re lazy behind.

The author's comments:
Just read some Vonnegut

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