October 6, 2011
By bleedwrxsofLove BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
bleedwrxsofLove BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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if today doesn't seem beautiful, just find the beauty that no one else sees and you have planted the tree of imagination that rests high on the mountain of your imagination.

Everyone starts somewhere, whether it be at the subways of Chicago or the mansions of Malibu, you always start somewhere. As a writer a few words can do just about anything: trickle into rain that ends with a first kiss, or begin a mystery even Nancy Drew can’t solve, or even make the wind that howls through the night and chills you to the bone. Understand that possible is defined by you, only your heart can set you free and you are as powerful as you make yourself. As an artist, do whatever makes you happy, may it be putting a pen to paper, a shoe to a dance floor, or a brush to paint. All you have to do is believe. You can start anywhere you want to, just start. May the words of the world guide you, and the silent expand your thoughts beyond belief.

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