October 3, 2011
By tayoz BRONZE, Uniontown, Ohio
tayoz BRONZE, Uniontown, Ohio
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She’s sitting in her room, crying as she ties the rope to the top of the closet. She thinks back to herself and knows she’s doing the right thing. Her life is a mess. Everyone, even her own parents hate her and the cuts on her wrist prove this is the right thing. She’s already written the note explaining why. The note, she thinks, will probably never be read. No one cares enough to read it. When they find her tomorrow, they will be passive, maybe even happy that she won’t have to bother them anymore. She climbs the small steps on the stool, puts her head in the hole, and with that last thought kicks the stool away and hangs. She is one of thirty- thousand adults, teens and children that commit suicide every single year (current issue). Do you want that little girl to be your baby? Teens and adults commit suicide every single day, and by just taking simple steps to prevent this, we can save them.
“The adolescent may feel they have no choice but to end their intense internal suffering or to solve a hopeless dilemma by ending it all” says author of “Teen Suicide May Leave Unanswered Questions,” Michael Jellinek. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for children ages 10 to 19 years.(Langwith) As the years go on, more and more teens are depressed and are committing suicide. Since 1981, suicide rates have gone up 70% with 1,921 teens taking their lives in 2002(Langwith). With all the stress put on teens lately, some just can’t take it. They turn to drugs, alcohol and other illegal activities. They become dependent on these substances and when they start to use them become depressed. It happens so fast they don’t know what to do, so they panic. Thinking they can change nothing about their life and never get it back to the way it was, they become suicidal. One of the teenager’s main reasons for attempting suicide is attention. The thought is if they commit suicide, it will make people care, and maybe even love them. Teens commit suicide every single day for these reasons. They believe there is no other option in life. They need to know there is always another way, for anyone that attempts suicide. They need to know that they have those that love, care, and are worried for them. Show them that.
Although many teens commit suicide every year, over half of suicides are adult suicides (Current Issues). Why is this the case? In some cultures suicide is an acceptable choice of death. In Japan, suicide was once a way to erase personal shame and mistakes. Also in India, when a women’s husband died she would throw herself in the fire just to be with him. But in contrast, many cultures consider suicide a sin. Now and days it is easier to commit suicide because of our every day doctors. If someone does choose to die, they can with a doctor’s help. U.S. law does not forbid suicide. Therefore, even if you attempt it you won’t get in legal trouble. Smoking isn’t illegal, but it can still kill. Isn’t suicide the same thing? More men than women commit suicide. Why, I’m not sure but I know that no matter what gender you are it’s a terrifying choice. There is always something else you can do. Think of your family, your friends, your children. Do you want them to grow up without parents and knowing that they took their own lives? There is always, no matter what the problem, another way.
Suicide is a terrible, awfully sad, wrong thing, and it can be prevented with you just sitting down and talking to those you love. People usually commit suicide because they think no one loves them, and their life can never be any different. Show them different. There are ways of treatment including mental health facilities. They may not want to go, but if you want them to live sometimes there is no other choice. Watch for the signs of them talking about death in a happy way or an easier way. If you see this, talk with them and show them how amazing it is to truly live. Be there for them. Don’t back down because that moment may be their last thought to understanding a life worth living. If they are teens, put them in school suicide – prevention programs. To them, it may feel like you are trapping them, but you are doing the logical and right thing. Deep down, it is showing them you truly care, the first step in their recovery. If you notice that they are not connected to a sports team, church youth group or social activity they may be at risk. The last piece of advice I would give is help them find God because with Him anything and everything is possible, especially their happiness.
In another house, down the street there is a boy with a gun. As he stares at the gun he thinks back on what he is doing, knowing deep down its wrong, but finding no other solution. He thinks his parents don’t love him, he has no friends, and there is just no point anymore. He puts the gun to his head and BANG…… his bedroom door slams wide open. His parents run to him. His dad grabs the gun and hugs his son. His mom is already there crying on his shoulder telling him they will get him help. For the first time in months the boy smiles and starts to cry all over his parents. They do want help. Teens and adults commit suicide every day, but we can prevent it. With all the resources we have, suicides can be helped and stopped.

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