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Childhood Obesity

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

There is a condition spreading among children like an epidemic. Obesity in children is a growing problem across the world. More and more children are falling to this horrible condition. Many ask themselves, who is to blame? Many turn to the advertisements and unhealthy choices at schools, but the root of the problem is parents. Parents should monitor their children's cultural and environmental influences to prevent childhood obesity and the dangerous effects.
Surrounding today's children are cultural influences that promote unhealthy eating, but that does not mean that they have to choose to take part in it. The American way of thinking is if it is easy and quick then that is the way to go. Fast food is a great example of this lifestyle. It is almost, always available, it is cheap and all it takes is a quick drive, so parents choose to let their children eat the unhealthy choices. Parents should monitor what their children are eating and promote the consumption of healthy meals.
Advertising on television targets children and promotes unhealthy ways of living. Advertising takes the majority of the blame for the increase in obesity, although the average number of advertisements has gone down from 18 to 13 a day, since 1977 (Moerdyk). The advertising market is much easier to blame and change then the ways of parents. The industry has taken hard hits, such as in South Africa, where legislation was passed to make it illegal to market products to children. Advertising is not the culprit for childhood obesity.
Childhood obesity is very preventable. One of the most important, contributing factors to obesity is inactivity. Lack of stamina to complete exercise is a growing problem in each generation of children. In addition, having good eating habits is imperative. Choosing the right portions and selecting the best food to fit your needs helps in the prevention. Obesity is an avoidable condition.

Obesity in children has many effects. Obese children are at high risk for many health problems in their later years, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, and heart disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Also, obesity can have non-life threatening effects. Many children suffering from the condition have low self-esteem and self confidence. Children are also made fun of for something they may not even realize is a problem. Obese children’s lives are affected many ways by this condition.
The disease has a cure but it takes some work. Obesity is something that can be overcome and conquered. Parents need to step in when it comes to affairs dealing with their children. It may take more time and money but it is worth saving your child from later medical issues. Cultural and environmental influences push children toward obesity, parents need to intervene and help prevent obesity.

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