How to Become a Millionaire in 30 Days

September 26, 2011
By blakrose PLATINUM, Anchorage, Alaska
blakrose PLATINUM, Anchorage, Alaska
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here is a simple way to become a millionaire in 30 days...
1)find a relative or neighbor who needs some work done.
2)tell them you will work for them
3)tell them you will charge them one cent for the first day and it will double each day after.
(they will think "ok 1x2=2 2x2=4 4x4=8 hm...ok")
4) the will say yes because they will just think about the little amounts.
here is how it works....

days and amounts you will get paid:
1).01 2).02 3).04 4).08 5).16 6).32 7).64 8)1.28
9)2.56 10)5.12 11)10.24 12)20.48
13)40.96 14)81.92 15)163.84 16)327.68 17)655.36 18)1,310.72 19)2,621.44 20)5,242.88 and so on...keep it up for 30 days, add it up and you will get over $2,000,000

The author's comments:
you should seriously try really works! i was able to get up to day 14.

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