Speak the Truth, Not the Lie

September 22, 2011
By Mikayla Wolford BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
Mikayla Wolford BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
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23% of Elementary student were bullied in 2007. Absolutely anyone can be a victim of it, anyone can be the cause. It’s one of the worst kinds of bullying.

One thing about stereotyping is that most people don't even notice they are doing it. Typically, they just do it naturally. People don't realize they are stereotyping someone until it's too late. Once that person notices they did, they feel bad. Some people would say it’s because its second nature, part of behavior. But that doesn’t mean it’s not your choice. Every person can think before they speak. It’s unfair and rude. Most of its fake.

Second, the stereotype is false. Almost all stereotypes are fake; especially to the person you directed it too. They aren't like you imagined. A stereotype is a fake idea of a person people make before they even get to know them. Yes, it is possible to find someone the stereotype is true for, but not everyone is like that. It's harder to find someone it relates to than to someone it doesn’t.

Lastly, every time a stereotype is made, someone gets hurt. At least one person can be affected by it. They take it personally. Though they might not hear every stereotype someone says, they know about it, and their self-esteem can go down.

When a person stereotypes, they don't realize they’re doing it, most of its fake, and someone will get hurt. No one should stereotype and no one should be affected by it. It's bullying and wrong.

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