why is suicide alive ?

September 14, 2011
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Can someone please help me understand why it is suicide exist? And before you go all “oh gosh here we go again” and click next article here me out. I was NEVER someone that everyone adored. Actually in one of my many schools I was the one that everyone loved to hate. I was picked at teased and called millions of names that’s I am ashamed to say for those people. But even when I felt like crap I have never thought about killing myself. Is it about strength and self-confidence vs. weakness (which IS a harsh word but I can’t really find another way to describe it) and consistency of the tormentor? And does it really matter? Life (as I have always thought) is a gift and should be cherished. Why do people throw it away because of meaningless words that should only bounce as such off of you? Excuse me for I do not mean to be rude in saying any of this but I would like to understand this a bit more and it seems as if general opinion is better than my own wandering thoughts

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