I am strong and nothing can stop me

August 24, 2011
By yasmeentepa PLATINUM, Oran, Other
yasmeentepa PLATINUM, Oran, Other
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Life is not always the way you think it is. It’s like a mountain, so hard to climb and once at the top you realize how easy it is to fall. Life is like a jungle you have a treasure to find a point to reach and a map to get to it, but you also have enemies, traps and dangers. Life is like a huge dark room you don’t know where you’re going. From time to time you hit a wall, you fall you stand up. From time to time you see the light… life is an ocean. It has no limit; A place where big fish eat smaller ones, a place where you have to fight for your safety, for you food…you life. Life is a show; each one has its role in the play and no matter what happens, the play continues. Life is a wave it can either take where you want to be or hit to the bottom. Life is a battlefield you have to choose who to stand with, who to support and who to fight; knowing that you might not survive. Life can be anything or nothing, black or white. You can’t choose who to be but you can choose who to become. Life is a constant war with hopes and dreams, failures and damages. Life is a game. When there’s a winner there must be a looser. Life is you, her, him, them and us. So fight for your dreams, fall to stand up, win to loose and loose to win, accept who you are and choose who you want to become, seek your treasure, face your enemies. Touch the bottom, swim to the surface, climb the mountain and enjoy the view. Support those you love, avoid those you don’t. Keep on dreaming, hoping….living. Stay the way you are but change for the better, turn your back to your fears and sacrifices. Face your dreams, who you love who you are, everything is possible, every breath is hopeful, every dream is worth fighting for, every feeling is a part of you and nothing can hurt you because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s why I keep telling myself, that’s why YOU should tell yourself: I am strong and nothing can stop me. Because life is anything or nothing there is me so there’s life.

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Moon said...
on Jul. 28 2014 at 6:18 pm
Life is a beautiful struggle...

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