Make what you have enough

August 21, 2011
By LindseyM BRONZE, Malta, Other
LindseyM BRONZE, Malta, Other
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I was asked a number of times "Don't you wish you had more than you posses?Don't you wish you were born as someone else?" I used to answer yes...but latley i've been answering no...Yes I do posses less things than my friends,I don't have a psp or a nientendo and I don't have a pocket money..I can't go in certian places with certian people but than again there are people in a worse situation..I'm thankfull I don't have to walk 35 km everyday to get a bucket of dirty water from which my family has to drink,bath and wash the clothes..I'm thankful I'm not lieing in a bed fighting for my life..I'm thankful I don't have abusive family..I'm thankful i'm still alive...I'm thankful I don't have bullies running after me every day..making me think twice about suicide..No I can't say I love my one can..cause life is too hard sometimes.Ye I wsh I suffered less in my life...I wish my first love actually got somewhere...I wish all my best friends were loyal to me...I wish no one made fun of me...but yet again the pain I felt got me where I am today...MADE me who I am today...If I was given all my disires on a golden plate I would have never learned the value of things in life...If I hadn't had people I love die..I wouldv'e never saw the beauty of lie...I would have never lived for real.So ye call me mad cause I acept the truth me anything you want ....cause at the end of the day I'm living ..not existing...i'm making the best out of what I have instead of sulking all day expecting for things instead of working for them.Yes I complain...I'm human..but when I know something won't be given to me I work for it.I don't ask people to do my homework..I do it myself,I don't wait for people to just pass the game for me..I try and try...cause you know what,someday we'll be adults..we'll be out own breadwinner...we'll have a family like it or not..and we won't have our parents there to help us through all our lives..yes its the sad truth cause everyone bites the dust at some age,and i'm not going to sit there and wait for it to happen..I'm going to let it wait for me!wishing you had more,or was someone else won't get you yourself! Be..simply unique..

The author's comments:
I felt inspired and thought I'd write something I have been thinking for the past month..

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