Buddy Boy Mos

August 19, 2011
I know Im late saying goodbye.
I should have been there to hug and hold you before you left.
I was in denial. I didnt think she would do it, but she did. She took you there and let them put you above. A part of me is missing without you, I think thats why hate is built so high for me. I may have no been with you all the time but when I was home you were always by my side. My sad times could never last while you were around. My tears just couldnt flow to see yu be let down. You have have had 4 legs while I have 2. You may have had to bark to keep a conversation going and grawl to share your anger, while I yelled and screamed. But dog or human we both have hearts and ours connected. You were my companion and I was your best friend. Your houls were unique to the sound of my name. Your winks were addorable and your white trademark was a charm. I raised you from two weeks, you instantly filled me with laughs and smiles. Times are rough without you by myside now but nalah and emma are here to remind me of how special you were. They miss you too, you can tell by the glossy look in their eyes as mom acidently calls them buddy. You were my best friend who was always there and never let me down. I miss you and think about all the time. Your picture hangs on my closet door in the new apt we got. I miss the old house but everytime I go there it breaks my heart to surrender the past and accept the fact that your really gone. So moving may have been the best of the worst choices. I could never forget you, you were the other half of me who didnt need to speak to understand and accept.
Buddy Boy Mos;
I love you mann!
Your lonely houl still rings in my ear as I think of all the happy times we shared.
Buddy Boy Mos
I love you.

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