August 14, 2011
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What is Euthanasia?

You might be asking or thinking what actually is Euthanasia, well i can tell you that. It is the painless process of helping a terminally ill person commit suicide. which is illegal in most counties around the world. Euthanasia can be performed by a lethal injection which can cause instant death.

i agree with Euthanasia because if someone is terminally ill or has a painful disease , you wouldn't want them to go through all that pain and die a slow death, you would feel sorry for them and wish to help them. What if one of those people was a family member like your mum or dad , and they were terminally ill or had a very painful disease. what would you do?, are you gong to just watch them die slowly and suffer in pain or are you going to help them and agree with the decision that they want to end there life's with Euthanasia. i also think that Euthanasia should not be illegal people should be able to make there own decision's on how to die if they are seriously ill.

However I disagree with Euthanasia because people might want to commit Euthanasia against a person's wishes and they might get better from there illness at some stage. Euthanasia can be good but what is the point of doctors trying to protect and save lives if some people want Euthanasia or use it against people, doctors jobs would be wasted.

So my final answer to this argument is that i have agreed with Euthanasia because an image that it could maybe be my mum or dad one day and i would want them to die with dignity and i wouldn't be able to watch them suffer a slow painful death.

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