To be great is to be practiced

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To be great is to be practiced. Greatness does not occur overnight, nor does it occur over the time span of a week. Practice is a long painful process of overcoming human errors to become great. Many people do not have the patience and endurance required to master greatness and quickly give up. Many people also have natural talent, but do not practice, ultimately losing their greatness. But eventually amateurs always turn to professionals through the efforts they put in while practicing.

The “A” student does not earn his “A’s” by watching TV. The “A” student does his homework every night, solidifying the skills he learned in class. The famous singer does not sell concert tickets by sleeping. The famous singer practices her songs daily in order to strengthen her vocal cords. The athletic soccer player does not earn a spot in the Olympics by twiddling his thumbs. He works hard at practice and allows his body to master the roll of the soccer ball. The musician practices daily, as does the actor, the author, the hair stylist, and every great man to ever walk the earth. To be great is to be practiced.

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