The Beauty of Writing

August 6, 2011
Writing is a beautiful and powerful thing. A text written presents the absolute essence of an idea, rather than one obscured by the impediments of speech or situational bias. A written idea conveys the polished, ready, and pure voice of the writer, rather than the momentary passion of speech. An idea that is written is given time to mature inside the thinker’s head, to become complete and whole. When I write, you can hear my true voice, my true passion and ferocity. I inject my will into a piece, and those who read it shall know my strength. A warrior who shoves his sword into the face of his enemy and curses him shall give the man’s friends fear, but the man who writes his threat is injecting his enemy with a poison more lethal than any other. Written words convey the soul of the writer. A written text is concrete, tangible, and eternal. Words spoken die with age and the essence behind them is lost. Through writing, a human can live forever. Make the people think, make them respect the words you wrote, and their children will remember your name. Give them a speech, and you will die like any other. To write is to master one’s own thoughts, to come to terms with them so purely that they are ready to become tangible objects rather than just ideas. A person who writes with passion screams louder than a thousand people howling with fervent enthusiasm. A person who writes influences the minds of others by first understanding his or her own. Writers are at peace with themselves, accepting their own flaws and skills. Writers understand themselves maturely, because they see their own voice manifest itself in perfect form. Writers truly see their own soul, in front of their eyes, ideas flowing like water from their mind into an object before them. Writers create worlds, fully alive and breathing, to control, guide, and love. For a masterful writer, to write is easier than to speak. To spit fire into paper and watch it live forever, that is to write. To capture the texture of water in words and store it in text, that is to write. To witness the essence of a dying moment and give it life, that is to write. To touch sadness, that is to write. To taste anger, that is to write. To give your fellow man permanent ideas, inspirations, and desires, that is to write. To have undying power, that is to write. To create a world for others to witness, that is the essence of the written word. To write is to become immortal.

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