Post Secrets

August 3, 2011
It is currently 5 in the morning, and I have read pages after pages of post secrets. Anonymous people that spread out all what they believe, in hopes that it will help them feel better. In the end, all I came up with is: We all want serenity. We want to have it simple, and quiet, and feel that sensation that we constantly read and hear about. And we get it any way we can. I have heard people talk about 'The Secret' and how that has helped them. All the different type of religions. Talking it out. Screaming it out. Writing it in a little piece of paper and then burning that paper. There is so many different types of techniques on how to feel better, that I feel overwhelmed.
Then I understood the concept. Getting rid of it. It's like a hot shower. You feel amazing taking the shower, and then wrapping the towel around you, and all the bad toxins and dirt are washed away. But once you are dry and cold, the dirt starts piling on once more. Are all the things we do only good as long as continue to tell ourselves that it is gone? I think so.
I think that once we do what makes us feel simple, we feel the need to keep that part gone and away. We trick ourselves. We say that since we cleared it out of our systems, that it is no longer there, or wrong, or even hurtful. But it is still there, and it is still bad, and it does still hurt.
I understand the use of all the therapeutic techniques and the uses that we put them to, but I think that just confessing works. Confessing that whatever happened, happened. Understanding every aspect on why it happened, and what caused it.
Did you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend? Was it because you ACTUALLY wanted more attention, or because you REALLY just wanted extra attention. I don't think that every thought process will come down to a selfish act, or a stupid situation, but I do think that we push things under the rug and come up with the easiest excuse. Doing things for love, or for attention, have been overused to the extent that whatever one does, that is their reason.
I think that we do more things for our own selfish acts then we let anyone know. And tying that to a balloon and watching it soar, just doesn't cover it anymore.

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