How will the demographics impact the election?

October 12, 2007
The 2008 elections are going to be a major election in history. For the first time ever, a woman and an African American are candidates for Presidency. The fact that they are running on the Democratic side will influence certain demographics in voting for the Democratic Party. Demographics that will impact the election greatly are minorities, Born Again Christians (B.A.C.), and women.
Minorities are a major group that will impact the 2008 elections. The majority of minorities vote Democrat and this will greatly sway the votes for the Democratic candidate. Since 1952, the majority of minorities have voted Democrat and this trend will continue through the 2008 election. An added influence, to the already large supporters of the party, will be that Barack Obama is running as a top contender for the Democratic Party. As well as being a strong political voice, minorities also make up a significant part of the population in the United States (U.S.). This will continue working in the Democrats favor.

B.A.C. however, will impact the 2008 elections in a different way. The majority of B.A.C. have always voted Republican and will continue to vote in that manner. This will show to benefit the Republican Party in the election. Many of these votes are influenced by Republican beliefs such as pro-life and incorporating prayer in schools. B.A.C. tend to use their beliefs to base their political decisions, particularly on abortion.

Women will make a dramatic impact on the elections. From 1952 to 1988, women mostly supported the Republican Party, with the exception of 1964 and 1968. Since 1992, however, women changed their views on politics and are now voting Democrat. The change between parties has greatly affected previous elections and it will definitely affect the 2008 election. There is still a possibility for women to vote Republican because their accumulated vote percentages are almost fifty-fifty; split between Democrats and Republican. The outcome on whether the majority of women vote Democrat or Republican will make a tremendous difference.

The different demographics in American society today will make a significant impression on the 2008 elections. In the election, Democrats seem to be rising in the polls and, based on the statistics, they have a strong chance at winning the elections. The Democratic candidates are a non-traditional panel, but they also appeal to large voting groups. The Republicans might lose the elections because they have not won an election by a landslide since 1984. Also, since the Democrats took over Congress, they have a better chance of winning. They appeal to the majority of citizens as well as target major issues and provide solutions. This gives the Democratic candidates the upper hand in the election.

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