July 6, 2011
By Anonymous

These days there are tons of families and friends suffering from loneliness.
Families from all over the world have loved ones or friends in the Iraqi war. It effects everyone and the friend or family member that is over sea's is missed by there family and friends. Also the person in the war misses everyone back at home.
With someone in the war it is so tough for the family members. Everyone in the house is very lonely and sad. Although they have each other, it just isn't the same when they are worrying about a loved one that isn't around.
Everyone has a close friend or friends. If you're friends with someone, you enjoy there company and spending time with them. So if your friend is in the military and is sent to war you miss them and it doesn't feel the same, which makes you lonely because losing a good friend is very hard thing to go through.
There is no cure for loneliness, especially when you're in war and you miss people that mean so much to you. Loneliness isn't fare, but its something that happens to some people. Over time people stop feeling lonely or they learn to deal with it. It is sad that some end up dealing with it and its no way to live.
When missing family and friends it probably makes soldiers lonelier when they go through terrible things that change them and make them not look at it the same way ever again and they have no one there to comfort and care for them.

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