The Surface Behind Animal Testing

July 5, 2011
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Did you know that right now, millions of animals are held captive, locked in small and cold cages in laboratories? 1.4 million of animals such as rats, mice rabbits, dogs, and among others have been killed by due to animals experiments. ?Animals testing is wrong! Do you believe animals deserve basic legal rights?

Animals are vulnerable against abuse by humans. Animal testing deals with the issue of animal cruelty. Ishani Shukla an animal activist says“These cause a lot of pain to the lab animals. They are not at all healthy to keep captive after experimentation. The fact that we make animals suffer just so humans can have a better life!” I believe she is correct because she makes a point toward the voice that millions of animals deserve to have.

Animals are like humans in a way; they need protection, home, and love just as much as humans. Do you think that loss of many animals lives aren’t that important as much as the life of a human? Since we have many advance technologies, instead of using animals to experiment on, can’t we rely on technology? This will make a difference to over millions of animals! Animal Testing is wrong in many ways. There are many sites that support the protection against animal testing. The Animals Legal Defend Funds is a call to action team. Million already signed the Animals Defend funds of Animal Bill Of Rights. “Sign on your support and speak out to the law makers today!”

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