July 4, 2011
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"I catch you texting and driving just once, the car, license, and phone will be gone!" Let's see, how many times have I heard this statement? I would say at least a billion-gajillion times, and I am only fourteen! Obviously, my parents believe it is a very important idea to get through my head before I have even thought about getting behind the wheel. But sadly, there are millions of teens out there just like me that do not understand the idea of "texting and driving equals a no-no." Even worse, there are some adults that may slip a quick text in as they cruise down the road, endangering themselves and those around him or her. These people are not educated, nor do they understand the possible consequences of one small, seemingly-innocent "heyy" or "what's upp?" Texting in the wrong place, at the wrong time in many cases can lead to accidents or even death of innocent people. Now, I am not saying that people should give up texting all together, all that I wish for is that people will take the time to understand that somebody's life is more important than a text that can wait to be sent. It may be cliche, but if drivers really thought before they acted, innocent lives could be saved. Please, think before you act.

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