My Hero?

June 30, 2011
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In movies like “Titanic” and “Twilight”, the heroes are easy to fall in love with. Like Hercules, they are strong and caring and they risk their lives to save the Damsel in Distress (whom he is totally and completely in love with). We are all thinking, girls-“Damn! Where’s my Hercules? / Where’s my Jack Dawson? / Where’s my Edward to save me from myself and Hades/a sinking ship/evil vampires?

The problem with heroes is that while they may be real and true…they become a bore. That’s right! You may think it’s all a fairy tale ending, but after the initial disaster they save you from and a blissful time of love and, obviously, lust is over; what is left? Most likely, you fell in love with your Prince Charming because he saved your life, he’s strong and handsome and he seems to love you too. But once the excitement has died down, your friends have heard the story about a thousand times each, and you’ve had enough sex to last a lifetime (because we all know you can’t help yourself); do you really love your “true love” for his personality or his muscles? His heart or his chiseled features? I’m sure he’s great in bed, but he’s become busier and busier since you two first got together and you’re becoming restless and annoyed. Then what?

I think that’s why most of them usually die prematurely. It was amazing while it lasted and then you don’t have to watch him grow old and grey. You don’t have to take care of him when he’s not strong anymore or watch his beautiful locks slowly dwindle away through the years. If he dies after he saves you,then you can always remember him as your strong, handsome hero; like in “Titanic”. Everyone watching that movie at home, screaming “Get on the door, Jack!” wants Jack and Rose to be in love forever. But nothing is really forever and maybe him freezing to death was the best for the both of them.

Although, I hate to see a hot guy go to waste. ;)

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