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June 28, 2011
I was very angry reading “Armed And Less dangerous” Because those comments made by nick meyer was very ignorant ! I Believe guns shouldn’t be allowed to be used by anyone other than a licenced officer. I feel as though nick meyer was a loss child not understanding the main problem in this world/environment . a couple years back years back a child was playing with a loaded gun with his cousin and accidentally shot himself and died. So people aren’t very responsible when it comes to objects that can’t be trusted around those type of object. Therefore do we have to treat adults like children since they don’t know how to be responsible ?
Gun shouldn’t be allowed because nobody cares wheather or not they have a licence for a gun. My reasoning is most people don’t have a licence based on how much arrest there have been. Too much people are armed and don’t know how to use the machinery their saftey. 2010 around September a mother and her son and her boyfriend who was a drug dealer died during an armed robbery. This caused people to show their true emotions and people actually gave information on the shooters apperance, majority of the time people are scared to say a word because they could be the next to die. Based on the crimes that are caused using machinery I’m certain that guns shouldn’t be allowed.

Gun shooters/majority of gun shooter besides officers don’t have a certificate to use or own a gun. Nick Meyer says “ According to the lott and mustard study, after several states adopted shall institute laws, there was a five percent decrease in rapes, a eight and a half percent decrease in murder, a seven percent decrease in aggravated assaults,three percent decrease in robberies.” but what he didn’t prove was out of how much was the total did these percents drop from . Therefore I believe machinery shouldn’t be allowed.

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