Pay it Forward Somehow

June 23, 2011
By Inittowinit SILVER, Albertson, New York
Inittowinit SILVER, Albertson, New York
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How can something priceless account for one of my most valued jewels? To me, it is my daily shot of happiness. It is somewhere I can escape to when all else fails at the end of the day. It’s Youtube. Yes, you may be frustratingly curious to understand how a person could have such a connection to something inanimate but I must tell you one thing before I begin. It is devotion that is seeped into the videos I watch on a daily basis that make me feel a part of something at reach. They say “a day without laughter is a day wasted”. And I smile to myself while hearing this. Why? I know that I never will waste a day again. It is through my fellow Youtubers where I have found such bonding. A bond which is strengthened as the days, months, and years go by and a bond which will hopefully be inseparable.

With currently more than 877,000 subscribers and over 343,098,076 uploaded views, the Shaytards have been successful in doing the most crucial thing that a majority of families strive for with no effort at all. It is the immense love each family member has for one another that continuously magnetizes one’s eye to their lifestyle. They refer to themselves as the tards: Daddy tard, Mommy tard, Son tard, Princess tard, Baby tard, and their one year old addition, Rock tard. This family of six has probably been one of the greatest influences upon my life. Their affectionate, loving family is what I yearn to display onto my family in the near future. And hopefully it will inspire another person, sort of like a “pay it forward” movement.
They say that the actions you take have the greatest influence in another person’s life. I know for a fact that it is because of watching them that I still believe in the word love. It is the little braid Daddy tard makes on Baby tard’s hair, the peck on Mommy tard’s cheek, the slobbery hugs and kisses given by little Rock tard that gives me hope. There is good in this world. You just have to look around the rubble to find the gold. Or sometimes, you just have to look right in front of you.

The author's comments:
I can honestly say that the love emitted by Youtube Partners such as the: Shay tards, CTFXC, Mr. Arturo Trejo has positively influenced my life. Hopefully, it will for you.

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