The Box

June 20, 2011
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There was a box. This box kept people hidden while being in plain view. This box kept people from being what they wanted becauSe it was a box. Four walls, keeping in all parts. Sealed. ThoSe caught inside the box were trapped forever. There was no way out, no way to escape. There wasn't a Secret compartment that would lead to freedom. After all, the box was still free in a way. You could feel things, See things, even sometimes touch things. The box was a part of you as you were a part of it. It was like a clone of everything you were not.

The box was currently holding a young man. He was inside, staring out at the world as it pasSed by. Sitting outside, staring at the sky, the invisible box surrounding his body. It was presSed against the grass, not letting him feel yet he could sub-conscious tell the feeling. He blankly stared ahead, a single hand reaching up to touch the wall. It Seemed as if he was not going to collide with anything, then suddenly a wall of glass-like material appeared, his hand delicately touching it. He scowled, the box unmoving.

He sighed, staring up at the clouds again. How did he get stuck in this? Oh yes--it was becauSe of her. A girl. It was always a girl, wasn't it? He liked a girl a long time ago, just that she didn't like him. Well not him, per se, just who he was. So, in order to get this girl he changed himSelf. Slowly the four walls began to form, his Secrets and real Self trapped inside a box; his new Self. Now he was this other person, detached yet with the girl of his dreams. Was it worth it...?

The girl herSelf bounced up, hair bouncing with the wind. He felt it too--brushing against his cheeks. His hair fluttered and floated like feathers, striking his skin softly. He smiled at it, the box unmoving still as she approached. She stood above him and began to chat about something or other, something he barely listened to. He merely offered a smile, a tug of his lips to satiate her desire for attention. She began to ask him things, things made up of lies. He smiled and replied, his voice coming out normal, but not himSelf. He touched the glass walls, fingers curling on the smooth edge.

Suddenly he was tired. Tired of this, of her, of everything. He stood up in his box, his body standing up as well. The girl perked, surpriSed and inquired what was wrong. He looked her in the eye, imagining if she was everything he wanted, everything he wished in a girl. He stared into her eyes, trying to See her soul and See what she was feeling. The girl simply stared back, Seemingly confuSed. After some time he shook his head, the wind blowing his clothing back and forth, as if agreeing. TheSe glass walls held who he was, this box defining his new person.

But didn't he have the chance to change that? Couldn't he chooSe his own destiny? He glanced upwards and reared his fists back, focusing. No way out? Despite what he once thought, there was always a way out. He would prove it, becauSe he had to. Pushing forward his fist connected with the glass. For a moment nothing happened, the wall shuddering. Then a crack appeared, splitting up and forcing a way open. He fell forward, rolling
until he was back. The walls fell apart, collapsing with loud thuds. He blinked once, then twice. He flexed his fingers, glancing down. He had a scratch on his thumb, blood pooling and dripping down. Finding the source, he noticed a piece of glass on the ground. Smiling, he picked it up.

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