June 17, 2011
By Anonymous

It is very common for teens to experience loneliness. There are many forms of loneliness and not all teens have the same experience. Teens experience loneliness in many different ways.

One way that teens experience loneliness is within a community. Teens experience loneliness within a community by feeling out of place. A teen feeling lonely within a community is like a cow that doesn’t produce milk. They appear similar to the rest of the community, but have specific traits that differ from the others. It is like being a Yankees fan, but you live in Boston. You would still watch ball games with your friends, but you would be the only person in the room rooting for the other team. This is similar for a teen feeling loneliness within a community. Since the teen doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of community, the teen would feel lonely because they are a little bit out of place. For example, there could be some sort of tradition in the town that the teen lives in such as where all of the teenagers have a pizza party at the local beach every Friday night, yet the teen doesn’t eat pizza and is the only person at the party not eating pizza, therefore altering the experience causing a feeling of loneliness and being a little left out. Another example of how a teen could experience loneliness within a community is when a teen doesn’t participate in a certain activity or doesn’t have the latest electronically advanced item and since all of his or her friends are doing their activity or using their new electronic device, they would feel lonely because they would be left out and on there own.

Being isolated by society can cause teens to experience loneliness. Society can isolate people in different ways. Society can either isolate people by criticizing them and deeming them unacceptable for society’s standards, or just by ignoring them. When people are criticized by society, the feel lonely because they feel that they are not accepted by anybody. This also applies to teens. For example, society criticizes people that almost who always wear all black are considered strange or goth and abnormal. This causes the majority of people to avoid them and try not to do anything that involves them. This can cause those teens to feel lonely because they are being judged negatively and avoided by society based on how they dress and appear. Another example of how society can cause teens to feel lonely is when they are ignored by society. Teens can be ignored by society for a number of reasons and when they are, it causes them to experience loneliness because they feel that they are alone and by themselves.
Some teens can experience loneliness because they feel that they are alone. Even though some teens feel they are alone, there is a big difference in feeling lonely and actually being alone. When a teen is alone, they are completely ignored by people. They are unnoticed, left out, never talked to. They are practically invisible to everybody around him or her. Feeling alone causes teens to experience loneliness. Teens can feel alone when they actually are not alone. There are a number of reasons why teens can feel alone. Being quite and shy can cause people to not converse with you that much or interact with you that much. Another way people can feel alone is when they are not that good at something such as they don’t make the basketball team or nobody plays with you at the chess club because your aren’t that good, which can cause people to feel alone because all of their friends are out doing things that they are good at and since you are not or don’t take interest in it, and you have nobody to hang out with, which makes people feel alone but really they are still noticed and interacted with people and they still have the other people who are not good enough for the activity that their friends play. For example, after the Vietnam War, the veterans were left out by society because they didn’t support them in the war which caused some of them to feel alone, yet they are not alone because they still have their fellow soldiers, the people who do support them, and they are still noticed and recognized by society.

Many teens experience loneliness for many reasons. By a community, society, or just the feeling of being alone is just some of the reasons why teens feel lonely. Even though teens may feel lonely and alone, they still have the rest of their life to realize that nobody is ever truly alone and that they will eventually at some point in their life, find someone or something that takes away the feeling of loneliness.

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