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5 Ways Technology Has Improved Society

The world of technology has been an aid to the progress of society in the last few years. It has entertained us, allowed us to talk to family and friends, helped us lose weight, decreased the time that it takes to say or write/type things, and even find that one special person. Technology has definitely helped society move forward to a fit and educated world.

The first way that technology has helped improve society is through online dating. People have found their boyfriend/girlfriend and even their spouse this way, even when they live halfway across the world. They could live 6,637 miles away but still be madly in love. I mean, what could go wrong by simply seeing a picture and thinking, "That's the person I'm going to marry!" You can talk to that person over instant messenger and get to know each other. Then, in 25 years, finally meet them! It's the perfect way to find that one person for you and live happily ever after. In an article written by Harry Davidson he stated, "90 million people have dove into the world of online dating," so why can't you?

A second way that technology has helped society progress is through gaming systems such as the Wii (the game system that helps you lose weight) made by Nintendo. According to Bret Molina from USA today, "Nintendo sold more than 7 million Wiis last year." Well, if they sold that many it has to be a great weight loss program, right? You can enjoy games such as tennis, boxing, bowling, golf, and baseball from the comfort of your home now! When playing these games, you can sit down on the couch curled up under your Snuggie with a bowl of kettle-cooked chips (because regular potato chips are just FILLED with grease!) then, just start swinging your arm away! It's the perfect form of exercise because you will build up a ton of arm muscle!

Another way that technology has helped society progress is through text talk. It helps cut down on time you talk and write/type. Here is a scenario to help you see this concept:

"omg did u like C becca's outfit 2day?!"

"omg i no!"

"she was like totly checking josh out 2!"

"gr8 im gonna hv 2 listen 2 him complain 2night on our date. she needs to gal!"

"haha g1."

"well i g2g cwyl!"

"yup lylas!"

"yeah lylas <3"

See? When you use this new language of text talk, you can cut out an average of 1 second for each word or phrase you transfer to text talk. So, in the 7th line of Bertha and Ethel's conversation via cell phone, Ethel cut out a whole 2 seconds of typing time! That is pretty amazing if you ask me! Also, with text talk you learn the proper way to misspell words (that's what your supposed to do anyway). What's even better is you can use these shortened words irl (in real life)! So, think of all the time you could save when you talk in this new language of text talk. Wow! That sure sounds like a good trade.

Technology has also improved society by allowing us to update our status. It has never been easier to let everyone know what you are doing every second of your day.

3:30- Home from school

3:35- Starting my homework

3:45- Having a snack

4:15- Done with my homework

4:20- Petting my cat

4:25- Still petting my cat

5:00- Running around chasing my cat... she doesn't want me to pet
her anymore.

5:30- Making dinner...... Stupid cat

6:00- Eating dinner

7:00- Watching TV... OMG HANNAH MONTANA IS ON!!!!!!! :D

10:00- Going to bed as I pet my cat again.

See how nice that is? By this you can show that 1: You did your homework. 2: You are well fed. 3: You are an animal lover. 4: You don't just depend on your parents to cook for you. 5: You watch well-rounded shows such as Hannah Montana. 6: You go to bed at a reasonable time at night. Wow, look at all those things that you can get from updating your status 11 times in 6 1/2 hours.

Finally, the number one way that technology has helped improve society is just amazing. So amazing that this must be put in infomercial form...

"It's been 4 days and my watermelon are finally ready to harvest! Wow, you can get brown, pink, white, AND alien cows?! Look at this, I have a golden chicken!" According to Barb Dybwad, this sensation is sweeping the nation at a rate of 11 million people every 2 months! What is this thing you ask? It's... it's... it's... Farmville! *Cue horror music* Farmville... the place where you can buy alien cows and where poncho-wearing llama's show up on your farm looking for a home. Where you can magically grow strawberries in 4 hours and never leave your seat! Where you can collect balls of yarn from your cats and ice cubes from your penguins (but I'm not all to sure where you get the ice cubes). Where you can get a shamrock inn and a tea house for the ridiculously low price of $20 of your own real money! So what are you waiting for? Get your farm-a-tude on today!

So, as you can see, technology has helped society grow and progress. It has been entertaining people of all ages for many years and will continue for many years to come! You can get exercise, talk to your loved ones, find that one special person for you, and let everyone know what you are doing and what a great person you are! Who knows? Maybe someday everyone will have poncho-wearing llama show up at their house.

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