Not All Dreams Should Come True

May 30, 2011
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Everybody in the world dreams. Old or young, everyone thinks about what could be. People have dreams regarding their future, and their life. Not every dream a person has should come true though. For example, if everyone dreamed of becoming a pro baseball player, and everyone actually became one, than there would be nothing special about becoming one. Also if every person's dream came true, than there would be too much destruction in the world because not everyone has positive dreams. Not all of our dreams should come true.

In the story “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury not all of the characters dreams should have come true. For example, the kids dream of Africa and their parents death. And then by the end of the story their dreams had come true and they had killed their parents. So their dreams of killing and death caused harm so their dream should not have come true.

Also the short story “Srendi Vashtar” by Saki shows that not all dreams should come true. For example, throughout the story Mrs.DeRopp makes Conradin miserable so he dreams for her to die. Conradin’s dreams came true and Srendi Vashtar killed Mrs.DeRopp. So Coradin’s dream should not have come true because it caused harm.

The opposing argument to this idea is that all of our dreams should come true. This sounds like a good idea because a lot of people have good dreams that won’t cause harm to the world. Although the idea of all of our dreams coming true sounds good, the risk is too great that the destructive dreams that people have would come true and cause too much destruction in the world. So although the idea that all of our dreams should come true sounds good, the idea that not all of our dreams should come true is more valid.

Everyone dreams, in real life and in literature. In the short stories “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, and “Srendi Vashtar” by Saki, the characters had a dream that came true, but really should not have. This proves that in literature and in life in general, not all of our dreams should come true.

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