my life

May 30, 2011
By , Cottonwood Heights, UT
My life

I sit in my room, listening to the rain patter against the panes. It calms me, makes me feel comforted. Every time I hear a ping, I know it is moistening the hardened ground, nourishing the flowers, making everything happy and clean, washing away the dirt and grime that pollution gives the world. I see my brother through the fogged windows, still trying to perfect the last trick he came up with on his skateboard. The rain settles to a stop. The sun peeks through the clouds and sends rays down to earth. My parents are reading the daily newspaper and savoring their caramel-flavored coffee. They sit in the front room in the heavy aged leather seats, their favorite place to sit. My home is comforting. I feel safe and surrounded by love. I walk outside and I look at the newly moistened green mountains. They are a natural boundary for me. When I recognize those mountains, I know this is my hometown; Salt Lake City, Utah.

I begin my normal weekdays by going to school. I usually wake up at six in the morning to get ready. I leave to the bus stop around seven fifteen and wait. The bus comes and rolls to a stop. It opens its doors slowly. I walk on with all of my neighbors. I go to my locker and pack all of my books away. School starts at eight. First period I have Honors Language Arts. Then I have armor; a homeroom class. Second period I have Sports Sewing where we sew things, then Biology. Then I have Computer Technology, then Geography. Soon we have to draw and label the whole world. After lunch is Geometry, and seventh period is Spanish 2. After school, I get on the bus again for the ride home. I get home, throw my bag on the couch and just lie there. It was a tough day.

After school, I have extracurricular activities. On Wednesdays I have piano right after school for fourty five minutes. I have soccer practice from four thirty to six thirty on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I play on Red Hot’s FC. I usually have games on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I love soccer. It makes me feel at home. Rachel and Leanne both go to my school and are on my soccer team. My favorite person on my team is Devan. She is amazing, and we play the same position: striker. This summer we are going to have a lot of tournaments. We have the Wasatch tournament, The Utah Summer games down in Cedar City, and The Inter Cup. Then we have a soccer camp to go to . I am really excited. Every time I step onto the freshly mown grass with my cleats, I want to become better at what I do. I can always get better. Perfect the last fake out, or make my shots on goal even harder, scaring the goalie. I push my body to the limits to get the ball back.

When I have no homework and other projects to do or soccer and piano, I sit in my room, put a warm down blanket on myself and sketch. I like to draw anything that comes to my mind. I draw the outdoors or the scenery I experienced on our last family vacation. I draw my families faces, I am always having them in my sketch pad. I draw things that come up in my dreams. It makes me feel comforted, Alive.

I also play the piano. I go into the front room, listen to the rain patter against the windows, and then open my books. I play. Depending on my mood, I pound on the keys or try to make it delicate. When I play the piano all of my frustrations and angers go away with the music. It is nice to have a break from all of the strenuous songs that are out there- all of the techno and rap. I play the piano, and let the classical music drift through my brain, making me feel enlightened again. I try to perfect my pieces, add emotion to them, add enthusiasm. I love to play and feel relieved.

My friends comfort me also. They help me when im in a bad mood, and they always are there for me. Whenever I am down, I like be with them and share some laughs, make me happy again. I feel they are always there by my side. And they make me feel good.

I love my life and my hometown, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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