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May 28, 2011
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More important than math calculations, or scientific explorations, is the way of young adult’s expression through art. We young artists have been able to put smiles onto the many faces of our community by doing what we love. That in itself, is what art is all about, doing what makes you proud. Not too long ago, I had never thought of myself as an artist. Never was I the little girl who drew the picture that would hang on the teacher’s blackboard until they retire, or the young child that dreamt of being a world famous artist someday. No, I was your average elementary school art student. Do the project. Bring it home to show your parents, and maybe, if it’s a winner, hang it on the refrigerator for a few days. But now I am here, with the not so average art students, who excel, and whose life will live on forever in their art. However, I have come to stand by a new philosophy. That is, that art is not necessarily the skill of fine lines and perfected techniques, but the motivation and dedication to express yourself in any medium you desire. According to the dictionary, art is the creation of works that are, in form, content, and execution, esthetically pleasing and meaningful. But where does the inspiration to create these so called “meaningful” works of art come from? Every second of your lifetime, although not full of art, is overflowing with emotion. Putting those emotions towards what you do best, art or not, will give you a finished product to remember. Every time you take a new piece of canvas, your emotions will have changed. No matter how many decades you travel into the future, no work of art will ever be the same, because no emotion will ever be quite the same either. Similar to many of my peers, I am not the same little girl anymore. I have new goals, new dreams, new friends, and frankly, a new life. While growing out of that little girl, art has found a way to grow in. I join the rest of my classmates here this year, as a more talented artist, with skills that I could have never imagined having as that little girl. Skills that have, I guess, just came along with me over time and developed to bring me here at the junior high level. Now, I’m not saying that just anybody can be an artist, but the way of patience and creativity working together can allow anybody to create a masterpiece of their own.

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