Do You Smell That?

May 27, 2011
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Do you smell that? Well I can and you stink! Showers should be a daily routine! C’mon, how do you expect me to want to stand this close to you when you smell like that? There are plenty of places on earth where you can find water. Why can’t you go and jump in the soapiest one you can find.
Good hygiene is a key fundamental in life. If you are not clean, people will not want to be around you whatsoever. People cannot stand being around other people that are not clean. If you aren’t clean then chances are you won’t have any friends. If you don’t have friends you will be very miserable. In the work place there are many standards that have to be withheld. Some of the main ones are cleanliness and the cloths you wear. If you do not take you hygiene seriously then an employer probably will not take you seriously. That is why they set rules and have regulations; to keep an order. If you walked up to someone dirtier than you by far, would you want to buy a product from them or have them serve your food? I know that I wouldn’t for sure. Keep that in mind when you go out. If you don’t have any friends or a job then how do you expect to be in a relationship of any kind? Online dating sites might cover up your stench and Photoshop might cover up the dirt and grease but what do you expect when you decide to meet this other person. They would have to have lost their since of smell, sight, touch, and taste to be around you.
Dirty people are horrible company. If you have greasy hair, people won’t want you to come to their house to sleep at their house. Why? Well let me go into detail with you. People don’t like their pillows to get dirty. Pillows are one thing that people really freak out abut. Why? Well when you have to sleep on them at night and you have no control of your mouth when you sleep, it is nice to have a clean pillow under your head. And if you have lice, you could ruin someone’s hair. Bon fires would potentially be a life hazard. If you were to get to close to the fire then your nappy grease ball hair could catch on fire. Parents don’t want to get sued or be responsible for you because you didn’t want to use shampoo or soap on yourself with water. Another reason is that if you were running around outside and they just smelled you and saw your hair they might shoot you or call animal control after you.
Have you ever felt that your parents don’t love you? If not let me notify you that you are wrong by far. When you get really bad they will not want to take you into public for any reason. They probably will stop at one point also. Your parents will be totally ashamed that you are their spawn. It is very hard to accept something that raunchy. Another reason is that your parents will probably not want to be in an enclosed space such as a car, truck, or SUV with you. After a while they will eventually want to get rid of you. They will probably start to “accidentally” leave you at stores and parks or any other time they are forced to take you places. If that doesn’t work then they will probably start to ignore you. They will do this so that you will want to leave from “the lack of love” you are getting. If that doesn’t work then they will probably just start to poison you with PineSol until you are dead.
Being clean is a habit that you need to keep. Now that you know the facts, can’t you just hear the shower calling your name? You still need a shower. You really do stink…

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