Self Sufficency

May 27, 2011
By Eemaaa SILVER, Male', Other
Eemaaa SILVER, Male', Other
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What is self sufficiency? Does being self adequate denote that you are able to cultivate your own victuals? Does it imply that you live single-handedly and don’t rely on others? What are the benefits to self sufficiency? The big question is – what does self sufficiency mean to everyone out there?

In my outlook, being self adequate means that you do not require any assist or support from outside for survival. Having depleted my time thinking about how to be self sufficient whistle at the same time, trying to instruct the people around me about self sufficiency has got me thinking that the `genuine’ world we live in is not the similar to the `self-sufficient-topia ‘ we aspire to be in.

Well, that’s just a simplification, but the point is – we live in a world where a person behind a counter or a reception desk supplies us with everything we desire. Whether we go to a café for a cup of coffee, or take a public transport, we simply stay while others serve us from head to toe. In our world the contemporary scheme of thought determines the outcome of our society, yet, what we “want” clashes with what we have and what we want to do, and what we like to do … all of this clashes with what WE NEED TO DO.

Is it getting mystifying yet? Well hold on and stick with me – we are practically there to the point. Some of you might marvel what are the things we want? What do we akin to and what do we need?

I’d like to reveal that self sufficiency is not a way of life. Being sophisticated, and likewise being affluent, does not mean that you can live on your own without other’s aid. Nevertheless, self sufficiency can be taken as becoming more knowledge able in all the processes we require in our day to day lives; from putting up shelter, to providing food for ourselves, to manufacturing utensils or using bigger and more elaborate tools or devices which can then accumulate us time from ‘finding money’ to expenses or creating new things with the funds we have.

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