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May 25, 2011
By Mandalore331 SILVER, Brighton, Michigan
Mandalore331 SILVER, Brighton, Michigan
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I would like to start with the elite super-commandos on my series of “My Views”. I will be using my own five-paragraph essay format. This series will be popping up as my published pieces from time to time while I am at St. Patrick’s School. Anyway the topics I will be covering today are besk’am the traditional Mandalorian armor, why don’t the Manda’s conquer the galaxy with their special lightsaber resistant armor, and how the Manda’s dealt with Jedi in the past. At the end I may also cover how they got their name.

This paragraph will cover all their needs to know about besk’am. The besk’am is made from a metal called besk’ar; when crafted to perfection it could glance off nothing short of a small mortar. Only the Manda craft smiths on Mandalore can craft the metal into the legendary armor; they guard their secrets jealously and are not up for bribing. There are only five smiths on Mandalore at the time. There is one smith working on Kasheyyke, not for the Wookies, but for Mandas who can’t make it to Mandalore and needs some fixes on the armor. The next paragraph will talk about why don’t the Mandas just take over ‘cause they are practically invincible.

This paragraph is why the Mandas don’t take over the galaxy with there lightsaber resistant armor. This is the first reason; they don’t like to be in command or be with politics. Another reason is there is so few of them; there maximum people on the planet who are Mandas are four million, that is only a fifth of the entire Corasuant population. Another reason is that the armor is not Force resistant and the Sith have lightning and choking powers. The Jedi don’t have these powers but they can send debris raining down on Mandas.

This paragraph will be talking about the relation the Mandalorians have with the Jedi and Sith. The Mandalorians used to work with the Sith before the Battle of Ruusaan. The Mandas rose up by them selves decades after the Battle of Ruusaan; they started the Mandalorian War which lasted for nine years. Then the final explosive conflict with the Jedi was at Gilamandi when six hundred Mandalorians plus Jango Fett, the Mandalore at the time, and a hundred Jedi fought to end the conflict once and for all; the Mandalorians were defeated finally by the Jedi leader Count Dooku. Finally the last part was when the Mandas served for the Kamionians to train the clone army of Jango Fetts that was meant for the Jedi so they could fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS).

This writing piece has taught you everything I know about Mandalorians and their specialties. From their armor to their history. I will try to find out more and then I will share it with you and more.

The author's comments:
I love Mandalorians.

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