May 24, 2011
By rsteph0370 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
rsteph0370 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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What has technology done for us? It has directed traffic, washed clothes, and even moved us from one place to another. It is something we have been around since we were children. People nowadays don’t even remember what it was like to not have to worry about email, Face book, or other things of that sort. Technology has surely made our lives easier, but has it made it better?

100 years ago the only way for people to communicate was by mail and speaking face to face. Now, everyone has cell phones, and nobody is ever out of touch. You can be sitting at home watching TV or eating at a restaurant, and you will always be in touch. Even on vacation, you can catch people chatting about business on their phones. Some people may argue that this has been beneficial, but that is not the case. People are never able to turn off the phone and relax. It’s almost like a disease. Nowadays, you can’t even have a meal with your family without someone calling you or sending you a text.

Technology also brought about one of the most pivotal inventions of all time, the computer. It can do all sorts of tasks that make our lives considerably easier. Although it is considered to be a breakthrough, all it does is waste our time. Have you ever gotten on a computer meaning to do a certain task and then becoming sidetracked for hours? I know I have. We get caught up doing email, schoolwork, online games, and other things of the sort. Before we know it, we’ve spent an entire day on a computer. We get caught up in this cyber world and forget about the real world that is all around us. Spending a day outside enriches your life much more than a day when you are stuck at home doing work on a computer all day.

Another form of technology that makes our life easier but not better is the TV. Kids these days come home from school and watch TV until it is time for them to go to bed. Although we may not realize it, we are addicted to the television. As a matter of fact, we have become so addicted to television that we often take pride in having a nicer or bigger TV than our friends. Instead of going outside and exploring the world around us, people would rather sit at home and watch shows about it on their television set.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Technology is not a bad thing. Several inventions have been able to save lives and make us as a race much more efficient. It has made our lives much easier, but we tend to become addicted to it. We spend all day on our cell phones, computers, or TV’s, and when you think about it, what is there to show for it at the end of the day?

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