Chomp for Good Grades

June 13, 2011
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Gum is good for students learning. It is a proven fact that kids do 26%-36% better on tests and work than they would without chewing gum. That is proven because while chewing gum the brain gets more blood to it than normal and that provides alert through out behavior in the classroom. That causes kids to pay attention and the steady rhythm of chewing gum can help to prevent zoning out and daydreaming while in a learning situation.

Have you ever thought of gum as a privilege? Something that can be taken away and is not a right but its allowed? If you haven't think how that could be a balance between control and responsibility. The reason teachers don't let us chew gum is they don’t trust us to make the right decisions about it.

In our school we are learning what it means to be ready, respectful, and responsible. Don’t you think that we should come across real situations that we have to make the right decision? If the goal is to have us learn what responsibility is, then we should have the opportunity to practice. Even if the choice is small like deciding whether to spit the gum in the trash or stick it under the desk it is still a choice that you make that gives you experience. Teachers find gum on the bottom of the desks and I agree that it is a problem but if we have the chance to learn from mistakes we could change our habits and fix the problem. The way it can be controlled is if the student is caught chewing gum obnoxiously then they automatically have to spit the gum out.

Most kids in the 8th grade chew gum. What is the point of having a rule if you can’t abide by it and make sure no kids have gum! The teachers don't care. If it isn't a problem for the teachers than I don't see what the big deal is. What we do is they just say spit out your gum and then its over. There is nothing after that. Why don’t we have gum allowed so we can chew it and not have to worry about getting caught? I mean it is gum. Its not like it is drugs or alcohol. Gum doesn’t hurt you in anyway. If you are chewing sugar free gum it truly has benefits.

Their are many benefits of chewing gum. Some of them are it makes your teeth stronger and it helps the jaw muscles and is good for your mouth. Several dentists approve this fact. It cleans your teeth, relieves bad breath and believe it or not is a confidence builder. I mean who would want to go meet a new person right after lunch and worry about bad breath. Gum is a resource that gets bad breath away and helps kids be more social. For example when I am chewing gum I am more outgoing and want to talk more because of good breath. Brushing your teeth is the number one option and everyone should be brushing their teeth before and after the day begins and ends but gum is a helpful tool in a situation where you can’t always run to the bathroom to brush your teeth. It can also help weight control because when you are chewing you are less apt to be hungry because it sends messages to your brain.

So the next time you catch someone in school chewing gum, just remember that you might be taking one of their opportunities to get better grades and be more successful away from them.

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