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June 10, 2011
By Kyle96 BRONZE, East Waterboro, Maine
Kyle96 BRONZE, East Waterboro, Maine
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Uniforms are a great way to help students become better in school and in life. Ever since uniforms became approved in the United States, overall school crime rates dropped by 91%, school suspensions dropped by 90%, sex offenses were reduced by 96%, and incidents of vandalism went down 69%. Those are some big numbers and they are great. School uniforms will help schools come together as one.

First having school uniforms would be good because it would reduce peer pressure. It would reduce peer pressure by having kids not judge what the other person is wearing, or how out of date their clothes are. Wouldn’t you want to go to a school with less drama and peer pressure? I know I would!

Second, school uniforms increases students’ school pride and identity by having school colors on uniforms. This will also help attitudes along with school uniforms. It would help the attitudes by helping the students see that they can come together and see they can all be as one and not pick on anyone or exclude anyone. Having uniforms could help with many other things like working together and group skills. This will create a more work-like school by students not worrying about what they have on; or worry about what they look like to others because they would all look the same. It would help those skills because all the kids have to work together as a school and not as an individual all the time.

Students would be to school on time more because they won’t spend a half hour to an hour trying to pick out the perfect clothes. They will already have a uniform ready to go. This would stop morning hassles. It would also get kids to eat breakfast because they wouldn’t have to rush out the door after being late because they were picking out clothes.

Now, if you look at the arguments against uniforms, they won’t compare. Here is reason one on why not to have school uniforms: freedom of expression. You don’t need clothes to express yourself: you can do with your hair or nails. The second reason, expresses individuality, which can also be done with hair and nails. As you can see there are only two reasons to not have uniforms, and several reasons to have uniforms. With 91% drop in crime in schools, clearly uniforms are the way to go for everyone.

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