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June 3, 2011
By Anonymous

”Schools should be aware of the differences between the way girls and boys behave on the playground” quoted by Kate Devlin, a medical correspondent for the Telegraph. Have you ever noticed during school girls are off in small groups while the guys get together and play a sport? There is reasoning behind this. Well, studies show girls even at the age of 10 and 11 are more interested in chatting and gossiping in small groups than playing at recess while the boys are more active, but the question is how would this effect school? The possibilities are endless,but it could cause stress and even could get grades to drop.
First of all, Girls would rather talk than participate in gym # as proven in studies. “Overall, Girls average 6% less physical activity than boys because they chat,”according to Kate Devlin, Medical corespondent for The Telegraph. Why would this be a problem you say? Studies also show since girls chat and get less exercise in those little chatting groups it has been linked to obesity. You may be saying so what if it links to obesity,but the reality is if they do get overweight even just a little, kids might verbally bully them and call them fat, chubby, overweight and so forth, when that happens that’s when school and grades go downhill. That could also cause depression.
Next, boys are more physical because boys learn faster during physical activities than girls do#. Thus, being more active (not always) then girls and are more “aggressive” players in gym and physical activities. That aggression leads to what girls call being “sexist” because guys don’t want to pass to girls if they don’t try they want to win. Girls may say it’s just a game,but the guys see it as an opportunity to be part of the better team. Guys believe if they are part of the winning team then they are dominant and that’s why if they pick teams they usually choose guys first they want the dominant team.
In any case, girls are still blaming the boys of being sexist. The answer to that is girls blame guys for being sexist as we know but they don’t want to pick girls if they are just going to stand around and talk#.I know if girls tried harder and I was a team captain I would pick them.It’s a shame that they don’t try,some of them are really good at sports. I’m not saying girls are bad at sports, not at all. It’s just they should try harder in gym class or there should be separate boys and girls gym classes.
Finally, if the girls can’t try in gym and they blame the guys for being sexist and if boys are so much different than girls physically and mentally then why aren’t there separate gym classes, it might change things. Oh well perhaps someday we will have girls and boys in gym class with everyone trying but until then the boys will participate and the girls will continue to walk and talk.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was the conflict in every gym class i have between the guys and girls.I figured I would research it and find out why it would be a good idea to split us up until we can cooperate together.

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