Stop Animal Abuse!

June 1, 2011
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Over 500 animals are dying each day, and about 300,000 animals are dying each year from animal abuse Most animals suffer from abuse for a big chunk of their lives, and the owner thinks it’s okay to hurt that animal (Animal abuse, 2011). Animal Abuse should not be allowed because,It is against the law to abuse an animal, animals need love to grow and survive, and animals can not fight back like humans can.

Most people do not know that it is against the law to abuse an animal, But it against the law. Hundreds of people go to jail because they abuse their animal (Brandy,Thomas M. 2004). They deserve to go to jail because abusing an animal is just plain mean and is not right. About 5% of people each day go to jail for animal abuse (Brandy,Thomas M. 2004). I am disgusted When I see someone going to jail for animal abuse on the television. Some people should help others so that no animal will get abused anymore.

Animals do not get enough love these days, many people hurt animals because something might have happened during their childhood. When I see someone not showing their animal love or compassion it makes my heart break, Without love animals will not survive in this world for long. All kinds of animals need love, even if they are ugly or not we should treat animals with respect like we do with humans. Many animals hide away and are quickly being “destroyed” (Rose Eveleth, 2010). To show an animal love you must let them exercise, food, attention, and companionship. To them all of that is love, (Mrs. Cleaver, 2008).

Animal cruelty is often broken down into two main categories, Which is Active or Passive or also known as Comission and Omission (Animal abuse, 2011). “Abusing an animal is a way for a human to find power,joy,fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves” (Animal abuse, 2011). “Child abuse can cause a person to abuse their animal” (Animal abuse, 2011). Animals can not fight back like humans can, They have no clue whats going on while it is happening. People abuse animals because they know that they can not fight back.

Can we give people the help they need to stop abusing their animals? While abusing an animal people are breaking their poor hearts at the same time, Animals do not deserve the pain that they are feeling every day. If we all work together then we can stop animal abuse, and make this world a better place, animals are not something you can throw around, animals are lovable creatures that need love right back. The best way that we can help these animals is to get these people's help, show them that animals are our friends and not our enemies.

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