Want to be a teen mom?

May 31, 2011
By mockingbirdmaggie BRONZE, Greenwood, Indiana
mockingbirdmaggie BRONZE, Greenwood, Indiana
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"It is better to be hated for who you are then loved for who you pretend to be." Psychic Travis Sanders

If you're planning on getting pregnant because you want to be the next teen mom star think again. You probably haven't taken home a ready or not tot real baby simulation dolls.

Ready or not tot's are made E Nasco an Healthcare Education Electronics company. They're all $325.00 a piece. The babies come in all different genders and races. When you receive one from a child development teacher at school they're the real size of a newborn, are dressed in newborn clothes, and have a diaper bag and real pumpkin seat for your baby. Anytime it cries you stick in either a feed, burp, attention, or diaper key. Far away all people need to see is your baby in a pumpkin seat and a diaper bag and if there's no boyfriend there they're already going to assume your a teen mom.

I took home my baby boy I named Stewie this year. On the Friday I took him home I couldn't wait to get him but once I brought him out of the room where they keep the dolls I got so sick of everyone teachers, students, and bus-drivers staring at me. It made me want to get up and scream "IT'S NOT A REAL BABY STOP STARING AT ME!!!!!"

But then I would miss my bus.

So I took Stewie on the bus. The girls raved over how cute he was but the guys could've cared less.
By the second time Stewie cried on the my bus driver tried to persuade me into ripping out the battery of the doll.

When I went out to dairy queen with him everyone was staring at me and talking about me non stop!

I only got 4 hours of rest every night so ladies just trust me when I say you're not ready for a tot just yet!

If you still don't believe me take one home from your child development class next year and good luck with trying to be unnoticeable! ( Hint It won't happen!)

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