The Dark Side

May 8, 2011
By Arisa.Rachelle BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
Arisa.Rachelle BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it wasn't worth all the pain... maybe I made the wrong decision once again... By:Myself

In a drunken stumble, in a high daze, when this generation looks back its whats going to be their golden days. A teenager is now pregnant at 13 with no job, car, money. No life. These actions are creating monsters. We kill others but teach that murder is wrong, but we let a rapist walk the streets at night, only to continue to stock out their prey. The world wont admit what it has done wrong, because that means they are admitting to being a failure. Our teenage generation has been taught from the media and there parents that in order to get further in life you have to bring others down by spreading lies. Rumors are constantly spread like a deadly disease.

High school. In any town you visit the high school will have different groups. The Emo, Prep, Nerd, Outcast. Only to be judged by the content of their clothing. A prep can be depressed and cut, but her American Eagle pants and Abercrombie sweatshirt make her the prom queen. If that same girl wore black and expressed herself she becomes a nobody, part of the outcast. A month later shes gone. Nobody knows her name.

We all have blood stained hands under our diamond jewelry and stacks of money. Some boys see their rich dads beating their mom and sister but to never have a hand laid on them. Some are taught that woman are a tool, something they can use for sex, then to be controlled like an animal. They are taught that money makes anything possible. Money is the key to survival. You can get away with anything if you have enough. OJ Simpson slit the throat of his wife open, but with his money walked away a free man. This only helps to fuel the fire of corruption of the youth.

At 14 a girl wants to find that one special boy who will make all her dreams come true. She gives her virginity to the 15 year old boy who just wants to prove to his dad that he is a man. Everyone of the teenagers today want to show that they are better than the next. They are stronger, faster, smarter, more independent, yet hide there fears and imperfections. They all look up to a celebrity, or leader of the country, or dictator of another and say "I want to be that person. I want all that power, all that money, all that fear." We are teaching that fear makes you strong, it makes you a leader. But fear and leadership do not coincide.

The life of a teen is not an easy one. You ask any adult if they would go back and its an immediate No. Teens have to face difficult choices everyday. They are told to be strong, never show fear or weakness and you will go far in life. Some make it, some end up in jail or on the street. Teen life is hard. Nobody says its easy. Teen magazine shows the glamor in it, but nobody tells the truth. Nobody wants to admit that life is hard, that it has a dark side. Because that shows feelings, and that's not acceptable to society.

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I wrote this for my English class. I won a gift card because everybody enjoyed it. My teacher said I should submit it into contest for teen poetry.

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