Sixth Sense

May 21, 2011
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Sixth sense- does it really exist? Though situations like the ringing of phone intuition or the provokeness of emotion before a specific picture is displayed, it seems a little unreal. Skeptic people rather think that it might be possible that the people meant to be having the so called “precognition ability” are either demented or just doing it for the sake of bringing attention towards them.
And, I too, have the same outlook. Under my perception, it is a weird imagination that makes people think that they can change the world around them with their petty and silly cues. Might sound rude, but it’s true.
To really comprehend the genuinity of sixth sense, we need some real incidents in hand which really worked. But in present we can’t draw conclusions as this would mislead people especially teens that are readily influential by these things. At this age, we can’t afford them to be relying on such guesses.
We rather would like cutting-edge science to change our world rather than the cues…

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