Naptime for High School

May 18, 2011
By Kaytee_24 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
Kaytee_24 GOLD, East Jordan, Michigan
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I believe that the High School should have naptime. Students I know are expose to, “be getting ready for the outside world,” blah, blah, blah. High school should have the naptime because so that the students do not fall asleep, or zone out, during class and miss work.
It was just last week on May 9th when it was fourth hour, right after lunch, when my eyes were too heavy to keep open. I was zoned out for half of the class, and teachers can not say it is my fault I go to bed on the week days EVERY NIGHT at 8:30 p.m.
When your brain and you are tired that’s the only thing you can think about. Right now as I’m typing this in Creative Writing class all I can think about is closing my little eyes and falling asleep.
If high schools have naptime then the students will be awake for their afternoon classes and not zone out. Naptime is Not just for kindergartners, Naptime is for EVERYONE. Why have naptime for kindergartners, we only need that grade to learn the basic. High school is way more important than kindergarten; high school is our main path to college. We need high school to get to college, career, and a nice house. Kindergarten does not.
Therefore, I believe that high schools should have naptime for the students to replenish themselves. And not zone out during classes because we are too sleepy. Even if its just 30 minutes, a half hour would be enough for high school to get enough sleep.
Katelyn age 15 believes that naptime should be open for the high schools and not just kindergartners. Because there is a lot of stress in high school get good grade, be good, pay attention is what our parents are telling us well at least my parents are telling me that. Or they say that if you don’t you aren’t going to college, you aren’t going to have a good career, you will be broke, homeless, and you will be and or feel like a disappointment. That is why; I believe that high school should have a naptime.

The author's comments:
I strongly believe that high schools should have Nap time.
You agrees?

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