Through the Eyes of a Dog

May 17, 2011
My dogs name is Magenta and I’m going to tell about her day through her eyes.
Magenta is a smart dog. She’s 12 years old. Here’s how her day went.

Today I’m going to the vet, I think to myself. Its morning and Chelsea’s about to get up. I can’t wait. I hear her dad say,”Chelsea time to wake up,” but she still doesn’t wake up so I take things into my own hands. I go and lick Chelsea on the face. “Magenta I’m getting up,” said Chelsea angrily. I put on my sad face, which I do so well, so Chelsea pets me and said sorry.

I watch Chelsea get up and go get her clothes. After she’s done getting dressed she gets me my food. “Bye Magenta see you when I get home,” Chelsea said to me as she walked out the door.

It’s about time for me to go to the vet. I’m nervous, I hear Chelseas mom call me to get in the truck, and I had a hard time getting in the truck so I had help. When we get to the vet I had to wait.

“Alicia,” I heard the vet say and motion us to come in. The vet checked me out and said I have a mammary gland tumor, no idea what he was talking about. He gave me some meds and sent me on my way.
When Chelsea got home she played with me. We played catch and soccer. I had a lot of fun. “Chelsea dinners ready,” Alicia yelled to us. We go inside and Chelsea goes to eat. My favorite part of the day. Chelsea always give me something off her plate.
After dinner we went to bed. That’s how my day went.

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