May 15, 2011
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Happy. Sad. Excited. Mad. Feelings seem so simple when you’re a child. In nursery school we first learned about emotions by matching them to facial expressions. An upside down “U” represents the mouth of one who’s sad, A person who doesn’t feel good. Surprised faces have open mouths in the shape of perfect circles. Mad faces have sharp, turned down eyebrows to show someone who’s discontented. There’s no way simple faces can sum up what emotions arouse within us. Feelings are actually the most complex thing you learn at that age. Or any age. Most people take their feelings, especially the feeling of happiness for granted. It’s only when you lose control of your feelings that you begin to realize the significant role they play in your life. Your feelings are you. The indescribable force within us dictates how all of us live our daily lives. Although we’re not explicitly taught this, happiness is truly the most important emotion you possess. Represented by perky eyes and a mouth with a perfect “U,” happiness can seem like the simplest emotion. Many people take advantage of the feeling of happiness. Happiness is when you’re smiling and your teeth show. Happiness is what you feel when good things happen. Happiness is when you’re with people who love you. These simple statements can never adequately define happiness. I feel the only way to truly be aware of the role happiness and joy has in a life is to experience what it’s like when it’s gone. When happiness leaves you, the ability to control any other emotions leaves with it. Happiness is your ally in life. Without feeling a sense of worth in life you’d have no reason to get out of bed in the morning. Your happy emotions are your control in life, the standard in the experiment of living. Everything loses importance when happiness is gone. You could have everything you ever desired but if happiness is absent, a huge part of living is absent. When you lose happiness, everything that used to bring you joy is gone. There is nothing there. You have no ally in life. Life is a horribly scary place to not have your positive emotions on your side. When happiness is gone you realize how much you need it, how much it is a part of you. When happiness is gone you’re desperately searching for it, whether you’re aware of it or not. You’ll know when it’s back. Happiness doesn’t have to be an overwhelming feeling of joy. Your face doesn’t have to crack into a tooth “U” shaped grin to be happy. You know what makes you feel contented. Your happiness is uniquely yours. Don’t take it for granted. Everyone on earth has a purpose. Every human on earth has the right to feel joy and contentment. Realize the importance of feeling happy. Feeling happy allows you to live your life to its fullest extent. You can do what you were put on this earth to do. Discover what makes you feel happy and hold onto it. Tightly. You won’t realize what you have until it’s gone.

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