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May 10, 2011
By empteed SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
empteed SILVER, Diamond Bar, California
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There are so many things in life that cannot be controlled. The things that can ruin our day are countless. The enormity of it all is very difficult to grasp. Although there are a number of forces working against us, we as human beings have the ability to make a choice. We can either let those forces affect us, or take the high road, put the bad situations behind us and keep living our lives. There is only so much time we have on this world. We can either choose to embrace the fact that each day we live is a gift, or live in ignorance and turn our backs to the good that our world has to offer. The biggest battle we face in this world is the one that forges on inside each and every one of us. In truth, we are our biggest enemies. We cannot be happier than we let ourselves be. The most difficult part of life is being able to pick up the broken pieces of our failures and keep moving forward. There will be times when we feel defeated, when we feel like there is no point in living any longer, like everything and everyone is working against us, but for each difficult time we face, there will be an equal, even greater time of success and happiness. If there is no pain and suffering, there is no happiness. We cannot dwell on petty things. We must look beyond the inconveniences that hold us back from living wholeheartedly and search deep inside ourselves for the passion that fuels our desire to become the extraordinary people we’ve always strived to be. We must not forget the past, but live in the present, and look towards the future. We do not have the ability to change what we so deeply regret, but we do have the ability to learn from the experience and accomplish great things. Our hopes and dreams are the keys to our happiness. Even through the darkest of days, we have the ability to shed light on the worst of situations and keep moving forward. The human race is one of survivors. Inside each and every one of us there is a fighter. We hold the key to our own happiness.

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Just speculating.

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