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May 14, 2011
By squeakyshoes GOLD, South Portland, Maine
squeakyshoes GOLD, South Portland, Maine
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Anytime of the week you can call some 800 number and give your comments and ask your questions. In fact, you can do this for most large chain stores, such as Wall- Mart, Target, or MacDonald's.
Looking at this websites opinion section reminds me that you can so that. Though i have never actually called one of those hot lines and don't plan to because I have no right to tell someone how to do their job. But I look at this page and see nothing but complaints and "Is America Really Free?" and "Who hates America?" and let's not forget "How many people hate bullies?!". The problem with each of these articles is that there is no intention f action after it, just words. There are i feel so bad for these people and no follow up of helping those people.
So keep it up and be the 1st generation to sit idle and watch the world pass you by. You've been heard but have you been seen?
I realize i don't know the people who post these articles and some of you might be Mr. and Miss community service, but complaining does nothing. And please if you have any questions or comments just post below. ;)

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