Makin’ Money

April 1, 2008
By William Swihart, North Little Rock, AR

If I could change one thing in this world I would allow people, men and women, to make

more money at their jobs. Some people on minimum wage do not make enough money to feed

the family, dry-clean, and do other important things. I will explain how this can happen, why I

think it should, and how most people would benefit if people made more money.

People with little money can barely afford the necessities. If people made more money, they

would have enough money for important things, such as feeding the family. I think I could make

this happen by doing three simple things. I could, one, talk and reason with the government,

asking if they can help with the situation. I could, two, go to the manager of the job and/or

business and discuss my terms. Then, I could, three, if necessary, protest until it’s changed.

There are a few reasons people should make more money, these reasons are very simple. I,

for one, hate to see people unhappy. When people are poor or have little money they usually

aren’t happy. Two, people might be less grumpy. Most people don’t like it when people are

grouches. Three, people would have a larger living space because they could afford better

houses. They would be better off, and we would be better off if people made more money.

By allowing people to make more money, not only are they benefiting but so are we. Like I

said before people won’t be as unhappy/grouchy. People will have larger living space. They

will probably live longer too. Many people would benefit if people made more money. I can

imagine a world where everyone has a little extra.

Lastly, I think people should make more money, per hour, at their jobs. This would help

many people improve their lives. I have explained how I think I could or would accomplish this

goal, why I would try to accomplish it, and how we would benefit if people made more money.

I am not saying that money can buy happiness, but I am saying that I think that if people made a little more money, some people could be happier, and have better lives overall.

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