Selfish Motives

April 30, 2011
By aracelia BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
aracelia BRONZE, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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"I believe that we are all ultimately alone and that any deep and lasting human contact is nothing more nor less than a necessary illusion"-Stephen King

People are selfish. Simple as that. They will do everything and anything for themselves. Tell me I'm wrong. Just try. I am set on this conclusion. Just look at the world. People lying, ripping each other off, hating each other. We tear each other to shreds, and for what? It doesn't make anyone feel better, but perhaps it feels better to release one's anger and disappointment and just plain ugliness and channel it and direct it at someone else. Additionally, people reject each other, with vehemence. If someone isn't perfect, they're taunted and just plain tortured. So many people are hurting. So many people are lonely and lost and ripped to shreds inside and barely holding together. Yet, we try our best to trudge through and endure.

And despite what people do to each other, they still need each other. And acceptance. And love. No matter how hard one may try to deny it, it's true. Perhaps that is why everything is so corrupt and cheap these days. People have tried to create things as substitutes for things and feelings that simply cannot be substituted. People will turn to almost anything for comfort to fill a void that won't be filled with such methods. Do imitations of originals satisfy? No.

And remember, they ultimately want to please themselves. The ones that are more openly selfish than others will go to extremes in manipulating people, and not care, solely for their own pleasure. The people manipulated simply succumb to misery, and defeat, and perhaps it is their submissive natures that are what gets them manipulated in the first place.

What better motive than selfishness? But with that, what better motive than selflessness? I suppose that the people that will end up best loved are the ones who can overcome their selfish nature and take the time to care for and about others.

But even with how seemingly awful everything is, the good bits are earned, untainted and well worth it. Relationships fueled by self gain are cheap, short-lived and cliche. Ones fueled by sincere caring are simply obvious by action. But that means that one has to work at it. Yet, it will always be worth it, hm? If not, would people so desperately chase after the feeling of being wanted and loved? Or perhaps it is just that selfish thing coming in again.

Either way, i suppose that there isn't much harm in pursuing that warm feeling that makes you completely and thoroughly relax, and feel relief like no other, like some previously unbeknownst burden has been lifted for a short time.

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