April 29, 2011
By KarinaMartin GOLD, Rancho Cucamonga, California
KarinaMartin GOLD, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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In the year 2050, I believe that our world will have changed completely. New cars, new houses, new animals, new everything! We could be living like the Jetsons. Something I believe will be changing the most is our transportation. It is already developing immensely. But I imagine that it will expand into a whole new generation. Allow me to explain.

Now, an example of a car that has come out recently would be the Smart Car. I imagine the car that everyone will be driving in the year 2050 will be similar to that one. However, it would look just a little different. For example, it would not be as big as a Smart Car. In fact, it would practically just be a bubble with wheels and protection gear wrapped around it. This car would still help the environment, just like the Smart Car, and would look just as cute as one. And cars are not the only transportation that will evolve.

Planes are transportation that I imagine looking different in the future, as well. I imagine planes no longer looking the way they do now. Rather, I see them looking like UFOs! Just imagine flying from one country to another in a UFO. They will have way more room, and the trips will be faster and smoother than they are now. Plus, instead of having to go through all that trouble at the airports, all we will have to do is stand under the UFO and get sucked into it, luggage and all. It will be that easy! And my imagination keeps going.

If you have been to Disneyland Resort, then maybe you have ridden the Monorail. It is what some people call the future train. Well, I believe it is true. I imagine that by the year 2050, all trains will have been taken out. And the Monorail will be our new transportation. I enjoy riding it and I am sure others do to. So why not make it a part of our everyday lives. It would be used by many. Plus, we will not have to worry about any more accidents with people and cars getting hit. Because the Monorail is built in the air, we will not have to worry any longer. It is the best choice!

So there you have it. I have given you three examples of what I imagine transportation will be like in the year 2050. Sadly, I do not really know what the future will bring. However, I hope it is similar to what I imagine it to be. If not, then I am ready for whatever our evolving life will bring.

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