Youth(Lunchbox Days)

May 6, 2011
By costaricabound BRONZE, San Diego, California
costaricabound BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I’d love to slap a few girls in this school, kiss a couple boys I’ve never had the guts to talk to, and sure as hell tell off at least one teacher whose face I would rejoice in never seeing again.
After spending or wasting (depends how positive you are) a good 2/3 of my life in this education system, I have had enough of this primitive social fish bowl swarming with egotistical jocks and misfit teenagers.
I have gotten stared down enough times in the hallway by some prima donna high-heeled hooker with raccoon eyes smothered in CVS eyeliner to know that there has to be something more than PQ, California.
There must be universes and worlds outside of this materialistic 10 acre learning facility that are full of genuine people and real love that doesn’t revolve around Facebook statuses and tasteless homecoming dresses.
In all honesty, some of the girls at this school remind me of less classy Ke$ha wannabes. I find it hilarious how hard they try to look like Saturday night specials on the corner of El Cajon Boulevard, when all they’re doing is sitting in a blue plastic chair for 7 hours getting an education. Seriously, lose the glitter and wedges; it’s first period.
I mean what happened to when the biggest scandal was running on the blacktop? Or when the latest drama was a girl chasing a boy into the boy’s bathroom? When did we turn into a student body narcissistically concerned with our appearance and judgments of one another?
Call me crazy, but it use to be cool to actually raise your hand and share the answer with the class. Because back in those days we had enough respect for ourselves and our classmates that we didn’t care what anyone thought of us. We had this innate confidence within ourselves to know exactly who we were and what we wanted. That wasn’t so long ago, but why is everything so different in high school?
As we grow up we gain a lot of things: higher education, maturity (most of us), and wisdom. Unfortunately, many times we lose more than we gain.
We lose that fire and individuality of an earlier time where nobody cared what you wore or who you were with. Five seconds after meeting someone you could be making sand castles and laughing with them.
It didn’t matter if you were a cheerleader and they were in band, you liked them because everyone wanted a new friend.
It’s sad that in a land of hormones and cliques, this type of thinking seems so far-fetched. It has long since occurred to me that in all truth most of these people will not matter in the slightest to you a few years from now.
Their ignorant judgments and immature rumors will all be totally obliterated two years from now.
So do what you love, date and be friends with whoever you want, and never pay a damn to anyone about the way you live your life.
As far as I’m concerned, you don’t owe anything to any of these people. The only thing you owe is enough respect towards yourself to always achieve happiness.

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