Gun control

May 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I believe that it is totally fair for people to legally hold guns. It has always been part of mankind to make weapons and have all the right to bear arms. We have used guns for killing animals and if not the US will get overrun. The right to bear arms is even in the second Amendment which was made in 1791. Why then are we even questioning repelling it?
First of all, if there was a ban on guns in the future, would there be an end to violence? No! there are black markets and people would bring guns into the U.S. from over the borders. The only people that would have guns are the police and the bad guys who are illegally holding the guns. All of the legal citizens will have no chance to protect their property if one of the bad guys came and tried to steal or murder them and their possessions.
Since the beginning of time, man always had a weapon. Whether it was a bow and arrow, a stone, or a gun, man always used one of these to kill and eat prey. If the second amendment is repelled then there would be an overwhelming abundance of wildlife because there would only be natural predators. Some people would not be able to survive because they rely on eating animals.
If America did not have guns then what would the military do? Walk around with sticks and try to defeat our enemies? I don’t think it works like that anymore. The government is allowed then to have guns while the people are not? I thought this was a government for the people by the people. This will end if guns are not allowed to legal citizens
Self protection is still what we need in America because it is become more crime ridden each day. Violence will not end and neither will the people causing it. The wildlife will be overpowering and dangerous if some predators are not killed. The US government has to keep this amendment otherwise all the freedom our forefathers worked for will vanish in a flash.

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